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Meet the Team Series ☆ Parker!

The Legend of Genji Development Team is a multinational, multi-talented group of Avatar fans, and we wanted to spotlight the artists, writers, and social media masters who make this project possible! Welcome to the Meet the Team Series!

Parker (Artist)


Team Role: Artist
: @airmasterparker
| Tumblr|YouTube

Hi, my name is Felix, but you can call me Parker. I’m an 18-year-old, Spanish, architecture student (so far the only European), who loves anime and comics. I’m also an artist who loves to draw his original characters and fan art from my favorite series, and I also like to practice backgrounds and architectural drawings (because I’m studying that :P). I’m also writing my own take on the next Avatar and so far I’m in the Second Book of my story, and I hope to turn it into a comic in the future. I love the Legend of Korra (I still like Avatar, but I connect more with LoK), and working in this project is so fulfill long. ^w^

Hi, Parker! What’s your Hogwarts house?


What element would you like to bend?

As my username says, I would be an airbender.
Como dice mi nombre de usuario, yo sería un maestro del aire.

What is your most used emoji?

“Raise your hands” emoji. Also the “OK” emoji.
El emoji de “Levanta tus manos”. También el emoji “OK”.

If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

I don’t really want to be Kim Kardashian famous, but more in the level of Bryke famous, known by being a content creator and my own comics, such as “Hikar’s Spiritual Chronicles”, my involvment in “Legend of Genji” and an original project I’m saving for later.
Realmente no quiero ser famoso estilo Kim Kardashian, sino más bien en el nivel de Bryke, conocido por ser un creador de contenido y mis propios cómics, como “Las Crónicas Espirituales de Hikar”, mi participación en “La Leyenda de Genji” y un proyecto original que estoy guardando para más tarde.

Say you’re independently wealthy and don’t have to work, what would you do with your time?

Make more comics, watch anime, and try to get a job at Rooster Teeth Animation as a 3D modeler. I’m a very active person who would still work and create content even with all the money in the world.
Haría más cómics, vería anime y trataría de conseguir un trabajo en Rooster Teeth Animation como modelador 3D. Soy una persona muy activa que aún trabajaría y crearía contenido incluso con todo el dinero del mundo.

What would your superpower be and why?

If we talk about badassery, just the good ol’ airbending, including flight. If we talk about daily life, sometimes I wish I had the power to make certain people shut up, because 1. Either their loud opinions could be toxic. 2. Or the teacher can’t speak in class.
Si hablamos de ser guay, solo la haría el aire control de Avatar, incluido el subestilo de vuelo. Si hablamos de la vida cotidiana, a veces desearía tener el poder de hacer que ciertas personas se callaran, porque: 1.Su influyente opinión puede ser tóxica. 2.O el profesor no puede hablar en clase por su culpa.

What book, movie read/seen recently you would recommend and why?

I would say “RWBY” is worth the experience to watch. It’s not a good show in terms of writing, and the continuity and pacing makes it a bit difficult to engage, but trust me when I say, watch it without spoilers. Also, Volume 1 is difficult to watch it episode by episode, so it’s better to watch the whole thing in a go, it’s around 2 hours.
Yo diría que “RWBY” vale la pena la experiencia de ver. No es una buena serie en términos de guión, la continuidad y el ritmo hacen que sea un poco difícil sumirse en la serie, pero confía en mí cuando lo digo, míralo sin spoilers. Además, el Volumen 1 es difícil de ver episodio por episodio, por lo que es mejor verlo todo de una vez, son alrededor de 2 horas solamente.

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

The Avatar World, definitely, post-Korra times, because: bending, spirits, fauna, asian culture, and diesel-punk vibes. And another world I would like to go, while I dropped this series it by the end of season one, I would like to be in the world of “Fairy Tail”, because life there seems fun.
Definitivamente el mundo de Avatar, tiempos post-Korra, debido a: control de los elementos, espíritus, la fauna, cultura asiática y vibraciones diesel-punk. Y a otro mundo al que me gustaría ir, a pesar de abandonar esta serie al final de la primera temporada, sería el mundo de “Fairy Tail”, porque la vida allí parece divertida.

What is your favorite TV show?

“Legend of Korra”, I don’t care what anyone says, it means a lot to me, and however you look at it, it has very interesting themes, an interesting story in a solid world and beautiful animation.
“La Leyenda de Korra”, no me importa lo que digan los demás, esta serie significa mucho para mí, y se mire como se mire, tiene temas muy interesantes, una historia interesante en un mundo sólido y una animación bellísima.

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