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Meet the Team Series ☆ Caitlyn!

The Legend of Genji Development Team is a multinational, multi-talented group of Avatar fans, and we wanted to spotlight the artists, writers, and social media masters who make this project possible! Welcome to the Meet the Team Series!

Caitlyn (Writing Support)


Team role: Writing Support   |   Tumblr: www.amurblogs.tumblr.com

Hey all! I’m Caitlyn, 22 year-old college student in the United States. I’m a Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major and I’m looking to graduate school in the near future. Whenever I have free time, I spend too much time writing and playing video games. I fell in love with the Avatar universe and am excited to be working with the rest of the team on our own story!

Hi, Caitlyn! What’s your Hogwarts house?


What element would you like to bend?


What is your absolute dream job?

I would love to be a permanent field researcher. It would be my dream to hike and camp all day everyday and do research as many animals as I can.

What’s your favorite magical/mythological animal?

Probably a phoenix

Are you a sunrise, daylight, twilight, or nighttime person?

Twilight all the way. I love watching the sun set and the stars slowly come out.

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?

The USS Enterprise. I’d love to see the crew I grew up with (Captain Kirk and co.)

If you could have anyone fictional as your imaginary friend, who would it be?

Asami Sato. She’s so supportive and strong. Plus, she’d help me with projects!

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