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Project Update! (1/16/2019)

Hey, LoG fans! Happy belated New Year!

January has been a busy month for the team; after the holidays, we’re jumping right back into Legend of Genji! Here are some of our biggest updates for the project:

  • The artists have been working hard on developing concept art and ideas to be used for the story and future storyboards! Macky’s been working with them, creating tutorials and discovering what each artist is most comfortable with.
  • The writers have shifted their focus from character development to plot development! They’re starting to work on the basic overarching plot and major villains, as well as worldbuilding.
  • Mundo Avatar made an AWESOME video about Genji, narrated by our very own writer, Ingrid! We’re so grateful for their work and amazing video skills, so please go check it out!
  • The “Get to Know the Team” series is still ongoing! We have a few more artists, writers, and writing support to talk about, so get to know them and see their work!
  • The Character page and the World Information pages have been rewritten and are being updated! Learn more about the Geng and their new world before the comic gets started!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement, comments, likes, and interest in the Legend of Genji and we’re so excited to be getting further on this story!

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