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Genji and Luan: Will We Have TWO Avatars?

Avatar Luan? Avatar Genji? Are there two Avatars? Project Lead Macky (@mackydraws) appeared on Mundo Avatar’s channel to answer some frequently asked questions about the Legend of Genji! The audio is in English, and you can choose your language’s subtitles.


  1. Я в великом предвкушении как и все фанаты говорящим на русском❤❤❤
    Пожалуйста, добавьте русские субтитры❤❤❤

    1. AMEN! I was thinking somebody related to Katara. Maybe a girl named Mizuchi after the Chinese water dragon.

  2. This is an amazing story! I can’t wait until it comes out.

    1. We’re excited you’re excited! Thank you so much for your patience 😄💕

  3. when will the comics come out? I’ve read only chapter 1, but didn’t find anything else. are there other chapters already out?

    1. Hey Alex! So we’re still working on the series, so we currently don’t have any other chapters out
      Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram to see what’s happening! 😁

  4. Interesting that there is a fake avatar, i am guessing the Dai Li are behind this doing some manipulative things again… I know this is fanmade but it looks so good that if no one told me it was made by fans i would think a new series was coming, i need more of this!

    1. Hello! So we’re currently redrawing and writing the story, so that is only what’s available right now! But keep an eye out for announcements about new pages in the future 😊

  5. Hey ı was wondering whats the thing about glassbending? Is it for earthbenders? And it would’ve be awsome if you make something new for firebenders… I love this allready ım looking forward to see whats next 🙂

  6. Lol poor earth avatars. The previous earth avatar Kyoshi was not recognized as the avatar until she was 16 because another poor earthbender was mistaken as the avatar lol.

  7. I wonder how Genji realizes hes the Avatar??? (Keep up the good works guys and gals this series looks like a offical sequal to LoK!)

  8. I feel like Luan was crowned avatar but the white lotus was wrong because he never showed any firebending skills

  9. I have an Martial art it is called Aikido hope this helps plus I am i a big avatar fan I am hope when I grow up I become like Macky your so cool and awesome you inspire me and hope you and the team be safe hashtag # 2020 avatar genji ❤️💖❤️💖

  10. Hey I’d like to see a disabled person in the series like tofe sorry if I spelled the name wrong.

  11. Is Luan going to be the 1st dark avatar merged with vaatu? Lol I’ve been playin with the idea in my head wondering if it’d ever be explored.

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