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Project Update! (4/13/2019)

Hello Genji Fans!

So what’s the latest and greatest with the Legend of Genji Development Team?

Writing Team:

  • The Writing Team has outlined Book 1 in detail, and we’re moving on to legit script-writing! 😍 This is a major accomplishment, and it’s amazing to see how far the story has come since Macky started it way back when.
  • SO MUCH RESEARCH! Lots of research has been done about the 1960s and 1970s. We’ve dived into everything from history to technology to cults and fashion. It’s been so cool to compare our different countries’ histories this way!
  • We have spent a substantial amount of time exploring Maya’s character, especially her history and life before the Dai Li. JJ and Macky worked quite a bit on her, and we’ve totally fallen in love with her.
  • We built a new Avatar-universe culture from the ground up — it was a fantastic opportunity to enhance our own world-building skills. Stay tuned to learn more about The Ocean Folk.
  • In addition to writing work, the fabulous Indi has been working hard to create a rich media culture for our story, including HILARIOUS pop culture references!

The Art Team

  • The Art Team welcomed three new members!!! Cameron, Juan, and Giovanni! All three bring a wealth of talent — from character design to 3D modeling to being FANTASTIC HUMAN BEINGS! Everyone is so thrilled to have them, and they’ve already done AMAZING work. Stay tuned to learn more about them in the coming days!
  • Cameron designed lovely 1960s-70s Earth Federation outfits and has played a huge role in outlining more Air Nation characters:


  • Juan has designed AMAZING animals and some awesome sandbender tribal clothing


  • Giovanni is a baller and worked on sandbender tribal clothing as well!

Image of three men on a green background, dressed in desert-style clothing and showing off different outfits


  • Macky held a live stream or two, and the videos will be uploaded at some point!

Social Media & Translations Team

  • Macky, Edu, and Indi worked hard to put together a quick Legend of Genji FAQ video out in March — Indi also translated the entire thing into Portuguese! You rock, girl!


As always, thank you so much for all of your excitement, comments, likes, and interest in the Legend of Genji! Your support means so much to us, and it helps us stay motivated!

Do you have questions, comments, or ideas? Feel free to leave a reply below!


  1. Oh there is sooo cooooool. Im so happy with this news. It shows how far the love of the fans can get.

    1. I totally agree with you…well I’ve been waiting too long for this and now I feel great excitement.

    1. Temos membros brasileiros no time, então português do Brasil!

    1. As much as we wanted we could be giving out spoilers, and we don’t want that.
      But hey, thanks for liking the art (even though I didn’t do anything from here).

  2. I really admire your hard work and how committed you guys are, keep op the good work, I know this will run out to be something amazing, and I will happily wait as you develop. I believe in you!

    1. Thank you so much Lærke!! That means a lot to all of us 😊❤

  3. OMG!!!!I REALLY LOVE THIS GOOD JOB MACKY AND OTHER TEAM MEMBERS FOR THIS AWESOME IDEA. I AM WAITING FOR MORE….But i have a question. Will LOG be staying as comic or as animated series??

    1. Hey Anastasiya! We’re really glad that you’re excited for this 😁😁 Genji is still a webcomic series, so it won’t be animated

  4. hey guys, are you with plans to launch LOG later this year? or we’ll have to wait a little more?

    and you will lauch the entire book at once or chapter by chapter??

  5. OMG! I am so exited to reed this story! But i don’t even know when it’s going to leave!? I can’t wait to know!


  6. Do you still need translators? I could translate to German 🙂

  7. Ugh ever since some of them kidnapped Appa i am not sure how to feel about sandbenders, but their designs look freaking awesome. Can’t wait to see some bending action and Genji to start his training (if he ever does), especially airbending.

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