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Project Update! (5/26/2019)

Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted about project updates and we’ve been very busy the last few months with Genji! 😀

So, what has the team been up to?

Team Achievements:

Caitlyn and Danny graduated from college and high school recently! All your hard work, time and effort had paid off and we’re proud of you guys!!

Writing Team:

  • The writing team has focused on creating the right flow and feeling for our Book 1 chapters! Kourtney, Ven, and Indi have worked to fix any plotholes, and Kourtney has been ensuring story and character consistency throughout the episodes.
  • Macky was awesome and built out the main plot for Book 2! We’re really excited to be making progress on the story and building the plots for the other books!
  • Along with developing the plots for Books 1 & 2, we’ve been working hard to really develop our other major characters beyond Genji, Aiko, Nami, and Kalsang! Macky, Indi, and Kourtney picked out names, developed backstories, and are plotting out their involvement in the story along with and against the Geng.

Art Team:

  • The art team has been hard at work designing spirits for LoG and they’ve created a TON of amazing designs!
  • Parker finished creating the image of the tents in the desert and it looks awesome!


  • And our new artists have been keeping busy! Gio has been hard at work developing more designs for the Shan Shan desert tribe people!


  • Juan has also been working on creating designs for another sandbender tribe, the Hotan tribe!
  • Cameron has designed and created the look of the Water Tribe people in the time of Genji!
  • And we’ve developed two superheroes that will exist in the LoG universe: Spirit Woman and Wolfbatman! Gio, Parker, and Juan developed and designed their looks!

Social Media & Translations:

  • Macky, Indi, and Edu created another video for us! This one is Macky talking about the connections between the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War and Imperial Japan during the WW2 era. You can watch it here in English or in Portuguese (a huge shout out to Indi for translating the videos for us!) The audio is in English!

  • We asked not too long ago to hear what your fan theories are for Genji! You can respond to the post on Twitter and Tumblr to let us know what you think is going to happen in the comic!

And that’s about it so far! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to support us, whether it’s through liking, sharing, or commenting on our posts! Seeing how excited you guys are is what keeps us going 🙂

Leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions, comments, or ideas you want us to see!


  1. Hey not sure if u even still read these but can we get some tech, like how has the world advanced since korra do they use flip phones now kr touchscreens, do they have ipods, what new foods have been developed, what’s the economy like is all I’m saying.

    1. Hey Justin! So the technology in Genji’s world is similar to our world’s in the 1960’s and 1970’s 😁😁

  2. Hey! I wanted to know if you guys took inspiration for Genji and the Sandbenders from the Middle East specifically the nomadic Bedouin tribes?

  3. Do you have dates to release the legend of guenji? I’m very excited to watch

    1. Olá Dee Play!

      A Lenda de Genji, sendo um projeto de fãs para fãs, infelizmente, não tem meios de fazer uma série animada. No entanto, o projeto será um quadrinho feito com todo amor e cuidado. Esperamos que leia quando publicarmos!

  4. Why are there two avatars? Did the Dai Li make Luan the avatar to manipulate the earth kingdom? Will Genji find out he is the real avatar soon and start his training? I can’t wait to find out whenever book 1 is ready.

  5. I just have a lil questions:
    First of all, will we have something like electronic magic? Not lightning, but electronic, because we near 2k years, start of IT and programming.
    Second one: Will we see something like unique types of magic from previous legends, like doom or lava magicians of fire and blood magicians of water?
    Third one: How much character you will try to open, and how long the story is gonna be?

    Thats just some questions, you don’t need to answer them, or even read this comment, I was just interested with your lil univers, I think you all doing a great work. Thanks and good luck. Keep in touch.

  6. I wonder, Why are there two avatars? Also will we see Red Lotus or Zaheer again. Because ı love zaheer and idea of The Red Lotus! Also ı hope we’ll see LGBTQ Because I’m a Bisexual,too.

  7. Could you guys make it so that he gets tattoos from the desert tribe like Aang tattoos that glow in the avatar state but like he gets it later in the Series

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