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Happy Pride Month 2019!

Happy Pride Month, everyone! The Geng and the Legend of Genji Development Team will always be your friend, advocate, and ally.

Our writers and artists include a number of LGBTQ identities. We’re here to celebrate them and advocate for inclusion and the freedom to love. Make love, not war!

Did you know? The Legend of Genji takes place in a 1960s-1970s Avatar universe. Counterculture, hippies, and pop culture abound!


  1. “Make Love, not War.”

    – Stan Lee, Avengers: Endgame

  2. Hello from the Czech republic. I seriously liked your project. It’s cool. But don’t mess it up.
    Keep going!

  3. Espero MUITOOOOO que pelo menos 1 dos avatares seja gay ou bi. POR FAVOOOOOOOOR

  4. but I still liked your drawing a lot, I would like to draw that well one day

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