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Project Update! (8/03/2019)

Hey everybody! Excited about a project update? Us too!


In this Post:

  • Writing Team News
  • Art Team News
  • Feature: Introducing the Ocean Folk


The last few weeks have been a crazy flurry of productivity and story breakthroughs! We’re excited to share new concept art and information about our progress. Curious about who works on the project? Check out our team page!

The Writing Team:

The Writing Team has several Book One episodes finished, and we’ve started transitioning to final script-writing! (To illustrate just how much research and detail we’ve packed into Book 1: we have 50+ pages of single-spaced text for the episode summaries alone)

The writers are focused on improving the flow of our story and the depth of our characters. As actual comic production draws near, we’ve prepared a workflow that will efficiently deliver scripts to artists in a paced, staggered timeline. It’s been fun researching best practices in both the animation and graphic novel industries. We’ve incorporated some professional processes into our own #informal framework, and it’s already showing promising results.

The writing team is also learning more about different LGBTQ+ experiences through research and interviews. We are committed to presenting characters with diverse sexualities and gender identities, and we aim to do so in the most constructive and authentic way possible.

There are so many incredible breakthroughs we’ve had with the story lately, and it’s KILLING US that we can’t share details without spoiling major plot twists. As agonizing as it is to wait for updates, you can at least rest assured that the pain is mutual?

The Art Team:

Our artists are churning out fantastic designs every day, and we’ve completed a number of storyboarding exercises! Unfortunately, the storyboards have to remain #secret for a little while longer. But you can expect an exciting announcement in late August~

In the meantime, here are a couple of recent sketches:



Spirits play a major role in The Legend of Genji, and we LOVE drawing weird shapes and playing with random colors! Building up our knowledge of plants, insects, and ocean creatures has helped us a lot!

Featuring: The Ocean Folk

In the Legend of Genji, we are introducing a new sub-culture in the Earth Federation — the Ocean Folk. The Ocean Folk are an ancient culture that reside on the eastern shores of the Earth Federation, and Maya is from one of their floating villages. Similar to the Foggy Swamp Tribe, their ancestors were waterbenders who migrated south along the eastern side of the continent. They are a clan-based society of earthbenders and waterbenders who live harmoniously with the sea, and their lifestyle is intimately linked to two guardian spirits that represent earth and water respectively. The Ocean Folk have endured centuries of on-and-off colonization by Earth Kingdom dynasties and conquerors. As the ancient Earth Kingdom expanded, the Ocean Folk were driven off their lands. No land? No problem. They adapted and began building their homes atop ocean waters. They now reside on floating cities made of clay and vine.

When designing the visual identity of this culture, we realized this was a fantastic opportunity to finally bring afro-phenotypes into the Avatar Universe. Artists Juan, Gio, and Macky designed our first concept pieces of the Ocean Folk — check out the captions to learn more about our ideas! You can expect more Ocean Folk art and landscape paintings in the coming months.

So, what’s next?

Keep an eye on our social media channels! You can expect some exciting news in late August~

Thank you for supporting the team and this story! You guys rock. Your comments, likes, suggestions, videos, translations, and fan art inspire us to keep going! The Avatar Fan Comic community is awesome, and we love you all~ ♡

See you next time!


  1. Oi , boa tarde , tudo bem?

    Eu estou completamente ansioso pelo lançamento de ” Avatar: A Lenda de Genji ” eu adoro a história de avatar e fico feliz por te uma continuação e mesmo tendo visto pouco já estou muito interessado em conhecer o Genji.

    Hi! Good afternoon. How are you?

    I’m completely looking forward to the release of “Avatar: The Legend of Genji”. I love the avatar story and I’m happy to have a follow up and even having seen little I’m already very interested in getting to know Genji.

  2. Os povos do Oceano se assemelham mais a povos da polinésia, algo que achei interessante para se acrescentar, já que geralmente eles não aparecem muito nas historias ocidentais.
    Estou amando o desenvolvimento das historias da lenda de Genji e estou ansioso para o lançamento dos primeiros capítulos, mas estou mais ansioso com o falso avatar que pela capa, parece que ele vai ser uma especie de vilão do Genji(caso queira disfarçar isso, é melhor mudar a capa)
    Uma coisa que poderia ser acrescentado na lenda de Genji são personagens com mais traço indígenas americanos, africanos e europeus(algo que ainda não apareceu em nada relacionado ao universo avatar)
    Outro detalhe que espero que seja revelado logo é as novas sub-dobras e como foi desenvolvido a ordem do Lótus vermelha e branca.

    Desde ja agradeço e desejo sorte a toda equipe.

  3. Oh man the art looks so good that i would gladly buy the comic if it was possible to. When will we be able to read it?

  4. That artwork is looking so cool! I want to read the comic now, any idea when the first chapter will be ready? I want to see some bending action!

  5. OMG I love love love this hey my birthday is the 16 of September you think you can do something for me like a picture

  6. This artwork is gorgeous and I think it’s so honorable how dedicated the team is to producing quality representation! I’m excited to officially meet the characters! Kelsang and Nami look like a sweeties and I already want to protect them at all costs.

  7. I like this, I really do. But I have a question: how do the earthbenders of their culture have any earth to bend if they live on floating villages? Where does the land spirit veneration and the earthbending come in?

  8. Just I wanna know!!!
    Is your work anime or Illustrated stories ?
    Please answer me !!!!!

  9. Please please tell me that this is actually going to be a real comic i miss the legend of korra way too much and so far amzing work so i really hope tht this will become a real comic cant wait to see what’s next !

  10. This is amazing! I’m so excited to see more of the Avatar world I loved the two series growing up and you guys seem to be doing an amazing fan based continuation of it!!!

  11. Good idea on continuing the Avatar TV Series but I think that kids from characters in the Legend of Korra should be included! Include MAKO and KORRA’s kids, Opal and Bolin’s kids, Asami and a non bender’s kid, and Prince/General Iroh with a kid(s)! That would make the series GREAT and REALISTIC!!!!!

  12. Did korra and her group ever meet the ocean people it would be interesting to see them react to there unique culture

  13. Not me thinking groudon and kyogre when they mentioned land and sea spirit 😭

  14. Africans aren’t Asians, it’s a Asia centric show, NWT and SWT are Inuit First Nations so asian decent. Why not Indians like guru Pathik or jungle river folk people like Vietnamese. Not saying black people shouldn’t be present but in a world based around real life peoples it’s kinda random.

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