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The Prologue is Here!!

Hey Genji Fans!

For the last few months, our artists and writers have been working hard to build the Prologue to the Legend of Genji. It’s finally ready to go!!! Great job to the team – we learned so much about our art pipeline, storyboards, and script-writing processes during this “trial run,” and the final product is awesome.

Join the watch party! The prologue will be released on our YouTube channel at 6 PM EST today, November 16th!

We hope to see you all there and can’t wait to hear everyone’s reactions!!

— The Legend of Genji Development Team


  1. I greatly look foward to the start of this comic series! The drawings are increadable!

  2. I love it!!! I love the story I love the art, ALL OF IT! Please keep on keeping on!

  3. Awesome!! Please, make subtitles in other languages to reach more people!! Keep doing this amazing job!!

    1. Hi! So the series won’t be animated; it’ll be a webcomic 🙂

  4. Hey guys! Just found out about this amazing project throug Mundo Avatar (in Brazil). It’s looks awesome. Congratulations!
    Also: I’m a bit confused with the website navigation, is there anything or the series posted by now?
    Thanks! Amazing job. The art is truly stunning!

  5. My dream is fulfilled!!!!!
    I always wanted an avatar from sandbender colony!!!!!

  6. Hey, I was wondering, where can I read the comic, is it available i bookstores? Help me out here, please, thanks!

    1. Hi! So the comic is not out yet anywhere to read but we’ll let you know when it is!

  7. Goosebumps, everywhere. Some people hate on Korra because its different from the original series but it was unique and it had its own story to tell.
    I’m so excited to hear this new story of Genji, even though its not from the original creators, I think fans taking it into their own hands offers new perspectives that the creators wouldn’t think about on their own.
    Thank you, Thank you for continuing the Avatar Universe. I love it here

  8. What year in the avatar timeline does this take place? (what age did Korra die at)

  9. I like this so far i wish it was a show. but i love everything about yall did a great job on every thing.

  10. Omg I love what you are doing! If you are not shore what to make a persons hair color, try blond. It would be really cool if it was because there are no blond people in ATLA or LOK. Keep up the good work and stay safe!!!

  11. I love the thought of a new avatar but you need to remember that in lok the spirit died so you have to in corporate that

  12. You guys are awsome! Thank you for making this! hope the producers will notice this

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