LoG Development Team Project Developments

Project Update! (4/02/2020)

Updates written by: Kourtney & Bea

Hello everyone!

2020 has gotten off to an… interesting start, but we hope you’re all doing well and staying safe during this insane COVID-19 pandemic. If you follow our official Instagram account (@LegendofGenjiOfficial), you may have seen some posts of Genji and a few of his pals demonstrating some best practices for protecting yourself and others from the virus! Please follow their lead to help slow/prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your community.

Writing Team Updates

As the artists make serious headway on the first two episodes of Book 1, the writers are keeping themselves busy by producing new content for our social media platforms! In the coming weeks, we will be creating character spotlight videos and a few team vlogs to chat about our progress. Keep an eye on social media and our YouTube channel for more!

Some of the writers are diving deeper into the main storyline and working on content like character development, antagonist/foil work, and foreshadowing (the best part!) We are committed to producing the best story we possibly can, and we think you’re going to love the first episodes!

Art Team Updates

Throughout February and March, the artists have been doing some AMAZING work creating the first two episodes! As of today, there are 151 panels drafted!! Along the way, the artists have already done a lot of edits and redraws to maximize each scene and make every line count! This art is well worth the wait– you’re going to love it! In the coming weeks, you will see more speed-drawing videos, recordings of storyboard progress, and sneak peeks of fresh panels.

An additional Art Team update — ARTIST APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!


We’ve got a nice rhythm going and we’re ready to expand! The Art Team is looking for two talented digital artists who can help us bring the Legend of Genji to life. To learn more and apply, click here.

Social Media Update

Things got a little quiet on social media while several team members took vacation/took a break, but we’re thrilled to have everyone back and recharged! Our next big focus is updating our YouTube channel– check out our new speed drawing video of Kalsang!

Thank you so much for your comments, likes, follows, and excitement about this story! Many of us have been hit hard by recent events, but your support means the world to us and inspires us to keep going. Until next time, stay safe, and take care!!


  1. Eu amo avatar de coração, assisti a lenda de aang 8 vezes e não me canso de assistir kkkk

  2. Eu amo avatar de coração, assisti a lenda de aang 8 vezes e, não consigo parar de assistir. Kkk (Corrigindo-Desculpas).

  3. I just stumbled upon this and I think it’s really great! I’ve been a fan of the Avatar universe since 2005 and I can’t wait to see this project take flight. Cheers!

  4. When is the first part of Legend of Genji coming out?

  5. Where can I read the comics I’m dying to read it but I cannot seem to find it.

  6. Guys, focus on the story please. And don’t mess it up!
    Keep going!

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