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Project Update! (7/01/2020)

Updates written by: Caitlyn & Kourtney

Hello Avatar fans!

As this pandemic continues, we hope you’re staying safe and healthy wherever you are. Remember: keep wearing your masks, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Everything is going to be okay!

We’ve had a few more exciting developments with the Legend of Genji that we would love to share with you! As a quick reminder, this project is NOT official and we are NOT affiliated with Nickelodeon, Viacom, or the original creators of the show. 

Writing Team Updates

The Writing Team has been working hard to strengthen the plot and polish our existing content. They’ve especially focused on the scripts for Episodes 3 and 4, which are really close to completion! While working on the episodes, the writers are also creating video scripts for some future YouTube content! We will hopefully be posting more videos soon, so keep your eyes on our channel!

Art Team Updates

We opened up positions for artists to join the team back in April, and the response was amazing! We had so many impressive applications come in and enjoyed reviewing them as a team. Thank you to everyone for applying; the Avatar fan community is so ridiculously talented! We would like to formally introduce our four new amazing artists: Kim, Kriska, Nickita, and Troy! You may have seen some of their art on our Instagram already– there will be more to come!

And! Even more exciting news for the comic: all draft pages for Episode 1 are complete!! With that, the artists are editing layouts and starting the final lineart. The wonderful Thyago helped us work through our page production process, and we’re building new standardized templates and color palettes in an effort to keep the work consistent across several artists.

Social Media Updates

It’s been an exciting time on our social media accounts– in May we reached 10,000 followers on our English Instagram account and 5,000 on Tumblr! And, very recently, we hit 1 million views on the Legend of Genji prologue!! It’s all been mindblowing and so exciting; thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned for more milestones and updates in the future!

Speaking of updates, some (or most) of you might have seen a new video discussing our project! Macky, Kourtney, Indi, and Juan talked about the story’s premise and answered some fan questions.


While you’re over at our YouTube channel, you’ll also be able to watch some speed drawings of our characters practicing handwashing, social distancing, self-care, and mask etiquette! Let’s work together to keep each other safe and healthy.

Thank you all for the likes, comments, follows, and shares!! Your support means everything to us! Until next time, stay safe and take care!


      1. i always go on webtoon.when it comes out, i wont miss it!… unless it already came out

    1. Y’all should post the chapters narrated on YouTube when they come out similar to the prologue!

  1. How can i contribute to this project, do you guys have a patreon?

    1. I just saw u guys don’t!
      But you guys definitively should open one!!

  2. Will Legend of Genji relased certain episodes on a certain date or will it be like you release Season 1 all on the same day?

  3. Can you give a rough estimate of when the team will release all chapters on Webtoon or Tapas? Because somewhere on the internet it’s said August 2020. Also will you release all chapters separately on different days or everything at the same time?

  4. If you need a main villian for the series how about sozin but spoilers of why add him:when the new generation of the red lotus comes they now whorship vaatu that needs a new body to become the dark avatat and he chose young sozins body and sozin-vaatu now leads the rednlotus with their generals (until book 4 or 5 I don’t know how many hooks your going to make) yakone and ozai as they got revived to

  5. I don’t know how well written this is since you used Google Translate, but here it is.
    I have tried to look for the chapters and I have not found them, the links say that:
    We could not find the page you are looking for. The link that followed may be broken or the page may have been removed. Go back to the previous page, go back to the home page or get help.
    This series is not currently available.

    Any reason for this?

  6. I have some questions.Will the legent of Genji go out on TV series on YouTube or it will stay as a comic?If it stays as a comic will you release it on YouTube or somewhere else?How long will it be?

    This is for now!I also want to tell all of the members of the group that I love their art and keep up the good work.I am looking forward to seeing your fan made comic and although I haven’t read any I am so inspired of the pics, the theme and characters ! Love you guys!!!

    (I live in Greece so my English are not good enough but I hope you can understand what I am saying)

  7. You should totally have Genji find sokkas space sword in the wulong forest

  8. The Legend of Gengi Team is doing such an amazing job! Keep up the great work! You all are beyond talented in your own right and I can’t wait to see all the hard work come to fruition! Cheers

  9. This is an idea for the story you dont have to use it but it would be cool if the “geng” go to the south or north pole and find princess yues spirit it would be cool if yue leads the geng to an iceberg were sokka was traped it would be cool if they free sokka and have him help the geng face their villian or have him lead the white lotus

  10. so, did you get the idea of the avatar not being found, but mistakinly replaced from the book “the rise of kyoshi”. becauae thats exactly what kyoshi went through in the book!

  11. Just saw your prologue on YT….I am so in love with Avatar and was just thinking about how great it would be if there were a continuation in the cycle! I seriously cannot wait. Keep it up!

  12. I know you guys don’t exactly think you’d get this made canon, but if you’d let me I’ll see what I can do to have someone like M.D. Dimartino, like, endorse it or something, or say that this is the best iteration and whatever you do can be made Canon with or without Nickelodeon’s help, etc. I’m no professional idea pitcher or anything, but that’s just how much I love what you do!

  13. I really love what you guys are doing and appreciate that you guys are working so hard. I love Avatar and the Legend of Korra so much and was kinda upset when there were no more series. I am so exited for the Legend of Gengi!!

  14. i wish the creator best of luck and i pray that it will come as video form please dear god.. Once again best of luck and stay safe

  15. Y’all should make a episode about him getting his past lives back if it or when it avatar comes back because remember Kora lost rava and her past lives from vatu yes she got rava back but she didn’t get her past lives

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