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Why Isn’t The Legend of Genji Out Yet?

Hey everyone! As many of you already know, the release of our first chapter has been delayed due to several setbacks related to COVID-19. 😢 While it’s a little frustrating and certainly disappointing, it’s important that our teammates focus on their physical, mental, and economic health during this crisis. This is a difficult and uncertain time for many people, and our volunteers are no exception.

We took a short vacation last month, and while we’re all still in the process of adjusting to this “new normal,” we look forward to resuming work on the comic soon. Things are pretty unpredictable right now, though, so we unfortunately do not have a projected release date at this time. Rest assured, we’re working hard!

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy– thank you for being such a fantastic, supportive community. We look forward to sharing more content with you soon!

This is an UNOFFICIAL project and is not affiliated with the original creators. Through our own story, we aim to bring the original series to a new generation of viewers and create new, exciting content for longtime fans of the original series.


  1. No problem with taking a break! I’m just glad you are all healthy and cant wait for new info about the project!

  2. I watch the new youtube video and went to leave a comment but the comment section was turned off. I don’t think I speak for everyone because there are some people only concerned on getting content right away and not caring about all the time and work and stress put into it. However, I think that you guys can take all the breaks you need. All of you are making something that no one even expected and are doing it in the best way. I have no doubt that this will be great, and Im in it till the end. So please keep doing the great work tou guys are doing and just stay positive, hopefully everything will work itself out. ” While it is always nice to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing.” We the fans are here to support you (well ar least this one).

    1. Thank you so much for the support!! We’re floored at how kind and amazing all of our fans have been and thank you for adding into that ☺️♥️💕

  3. Hey I just found this project and I’m already hooked! I just wanted to ask if you had actors yet or if you had casted already. Thanks Dylan!

    1. Hi! So we won’t have voice actors for this since it’ll be a webcomic but thank you for offering! ☺️

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