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Why Isn’t The Legend of Genji Out Yet?

Hey everyone! As many of you already know, the release of our first chapter has been delayed due to several setbacks related to COVID-19. 😢 While it’s a little frustrating and certainly disappointing, it’s important that our teammates focus on their physical, mental, and economic health during this crisis. This is a difficult and uncertain time for many people, and our volunteers are no exception.

We took a short vacation last month, and while we’re all still in the process of adjusting to this “new normal,” we look forward to resuming work on the comic soon. Things are pretty unpredictable right now, though, so we unfortunately do not have a projected release date at this time. Rest assured, we’re working hard!

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy– thank you for being such a fantastic, supportive community. We look forward to sharing more content with you soon!

This is an UNOFFICIAL project and is not affiliated with the original creators. Through our own story, we aim to bring the original series to a new generation of viewers and create new, exciting content for longtime fans of the original series.


  1. No problem with taking a break! I’m just glad you are all healthy and cant wait for new info about the project!

  2. I watch the new youtube video and went to leave a comment but the comment section was turned off. I don’t think I speak for everyone because there are some people only concerned on getting content right away and not caring about all the time and work and stress put into it. However, I think that you guys can take all the breaks you need. All of you are making something that no one even expected and are doing it in the best way. I have no doubt that this will be great, and Im in it till the end. So please keep doing the great work tou guys are doing and just stay positive, hopefully everything will work itself out. ” While it is always nice to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing.” We the fans are here to support you (well ar least this one).

    1. Thank you so much for the support!! We’re floored at how kind and amazing all of our fans have been and thank you for adding into that ☺️♥️💕

    2. Yes! I agree they can take loads of breaks if they want. All I really want is for everyone to be safe and protected.

  3. Hey I just found this project and I’m already hooked! I just wanted to ask if you had actors yet or if you had casted already. Thanks Dylan!

    1. Hi! So we won’t have voice actors for this since it’ll be a webcomic but thank you for offering! ☺️

      1. May I just say, I love the character designs. You are all such talented and hardworking people and I simply cannot wait for The Legend of Genji to come out. Please take all the breaks you need. I just found out about this project and I guarantee this will be an amazing piece of work and just keep up the good work! Just to be sure, this is coming out on Webtoons right?

    2. Yo tambien me ofreceria para actuar la voz de Kalsang, es mi personaje favorito

  4. You guys are amazing! Take all the time you need and prioritize your own well being. That said, it is wonderful to know that the project hasn’t been abandoned. Keep up the good work!

  5. can yall give us more of a preview of the new sub bending and not trying to be rude in any way forgive me if i am but why dont yall do a actual show or animation

  6. I was very excited for the premiere of Genji’s story and I’m really sad that it’s not out yet. But I also understand that the team’s health is much more important. You’ve all done great job on this project, so take your time and rest. I hope you’re doing well!

  7. May I just say, I love the character designs. You are all such talented and hardworking people and I simply cannot wait for The Legend of Genji to come out. Just to make sure, the comic is coming on Webtoons right?

  8. I personally have an Idea for a potential successor to Genji, and seeing so many people working on this fan project has inspired me to make my own project based around Genji’s successor. I hope you all have had or are having a good time during your break. This however leaves me with a question… Have any of you actually thought about the next avatar?

    P.S. I have a basic Idea of the character, whom I have named “Kuzon” and he is the crown-prince of the Fire-Nation, and a decendant of Avatar Roku.

  9. Tomara que de tudo certo. Estou ansioso pra saber de novas atualizações <3

  10. I get it I would do the same no one wants to get sick but can you give us an estimate on when it will be out also will it be in the archive section of this website
    PS I really hope this story ends with genji x aiko I saw there profiles and I was thinking the they would mix good together with there different personalles

  11. The algorithm of YouTube let me know this project, doesn’t matter how long you take, don’t give up! Regards from Chile

  12. I completely understand the need to take a break with all the craziness going on in the world right now but I beg of you please give us a release date. Even if it’s just an estimate or you suddenly have to change it and cross it out to replace it. I need something! I have been waiting so long! I wish to see the finish line! I do hope you all are well though and again definitely understand the need to rest up mentally. 🥺🥺🥺

  13. Oh my word I found out about this whole thing only a few days ago I wish I found it sooner I’m a huge fan of the entire avatar series and when I found this I flipped out and was showing everyone I know that is a fan (not all shared my excitement) but I don’t care. This is absolutely amazing! I love what I’ve seen so far, and take breaks whenever you guys need them mental health is a very important thing and I think it’s amazing that you guys are taking care of yourselves at this crazy times. I’ll support as much as I can thank you guys for doing this it’s so amazing. Great work!

    1. I’m a HUGEEEE Fan of the WHOLE ENITRE Avatar Series too! I shared This to all my friends but they didn’t care. I actually dream about avatar too. LOL

  14. I stumbled upon this from an image of the front cover posted up on Pinterest and I will just say, I am very excited for what you guys may have planned for this new avatar! Take all the time you need to create this, you have one new fan right here 😀

  15. Hi, i wanted to ask if you would be allowing me to use some of your ideas from Legend of gengi for a roleplay i’m anticipating to create for a strictly personal use. I like your work and effort and a huge fan of the avatar world as well.

  16. I just have a question: Are we going to see any Freedom Fighters in the series?

  17. gosh i’m so exited for this!!!! the team is doing great, you guys are so talented and wish the best for you guys, stay safe! i also have a question, is there any new bending elements like for fire, i already know there’s glass bending but just wondering if there are any other ones.

  18. Could you make Genji a conflicted character? Like not being always on the good side and sometimes having to do bad stuff? A grey character?

  19. Making another avatar genji you just made my life last airbender and legend of Korra were my childhood you bringing another series made me full of joy I can’t wait for another journey

  20. im a fan of both atla and lok. i even read the comics and im happy to see that someone enjoys it enough to do all of this

  21. Take your time. You can’t rush perfection. We will gladly be waiting for this gem. I am sooooooo excited for this amazing work.

  22. So I just found out that there was gonna be like a third show related to avatar the last Airbender and once I found out about it I saw a YouTube video on YouTube that was nine months ago so I thought probably it would have been out by now but then I looked at everything or every app they used to watch shows and I couldn’t find it and then I read this article and I was like Bruh this is our Covid fault and now I even have to wait even longer to watch the new version of the show.

  23. Super exited for the project! I wish I could make art like that.

  24. What will happen to the development of the fan series as Avatar Studios has been announced that will produce multiple animated films, spin-offs and animated shows?

  25. You all deserve a break! I hope you get a good rest! And always stay positive! All the avatar fans support you!

  26. Hi! Ive been wondering, how the current project is going lately? (Ive been getting very unstable and have become addicted to the characters and the Avatar Universe!)

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