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Project Update! (3/05/2021)

Updates written by: Caitlyn & Kourtney

Hi, Avatar fans! It’s March!….again…

Let’s play catch up real quick! 2020 was an… interesting year for many of us, but despite the ups and downs, we are excited for what 2021 will bring! The team got together in January and we’ve set our goals for 2021!

As many of you are aware, The Legend of Genji has not come out yet, for a number of reasons. It has been a difficult year for many of us and things moved slower than we planned. We had a small break that helped many of our teammates take care of themselves and get back the energy to work on the project. Check out this video that Macky made to answer any and all questions about this hiatus.


But now, we are getting back into the swing of things! The Art Team is working hard on getting Episodes 1 & 2 finished and the Writing Team is continuing to work on the overall story through the development of side characters and other finer story details.

Social Media Updates

Even though we had a small break, our social media continues to blow up! 

Our Instagram has reached a huge milestone!! We got 25k followers; y’all continue to surprise us with how many of you enjoy our story! Thank you for all the support and love you’ve given Genji! And speaking of love, one of our awesome artists, Troy, made this Valentine’s Day post of Kai and Jinora being cute and married <3

In other news, our prologue video has reached 2.8 MILLION views and we have 90k subscribers on YouTube. Y’all are the best fan base anyone could ask for! Thank you again for the continued support!!

We recently published a new first: a Genji Lo-Fi playlist! With background art by artist Kris and featuring a couple of songs by artist Parker, our Lo-Fi playlist was carefully compiled to represent Genji’s personality and the events of Book 1. It is the perfect thing to draw and write to or just put on in the background. Check it out here!

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed that we’ve been sharing some awesome fanart of Genji on our stories. On our profile, you can find all of the amazing fanart under the highlight “Fanart!” If you want to show us your fanart, use #legendofgenjifanart on Instagram so we can share it with everyone!

We have also been highlighting other fan Avatar content on Instagram. We have featured the Legend of Niiko, Hikar Spiritual Chronicles, and Avatar: New Beginnings; we definitely recommend checking them out and giving them your love and support! <3 You can find them in the “Fellow Fancomics” highlight on our Instagram profile! And you can also find other Avatar fan creators we’ve given shout-outs to in our “Shout-Outs” highlight.

Thank you once again for all your likes, comments, follows, and shares! Your support means everything to us! Until the next update, stay safe and take care!

This is an UNOFFICIAL project and is not affiliated with the original creators. Through our own story, we aim to bring the original series to a new generation of viewers and create new, exciting content for longtime fans of the original series.


  1. Thanks for the update! Really excited for the 1st and 2nd chapters to come out. Just remember to take care of yourself!

  2. I can’t wait for this new series to come out. In 2020, I watched ATLA for the first time; then LOK. I watched ALTA over, over, and over again, same with LOK. I was and still am obsessed with them and ever since I heard they were making another series; my mouth dropped of how excited I was.
    Thank you for working so hard to make this series come alive and the comics too! Take care of yourself and binge ALTA and LOK while your at it!

  3. Hello! Are you still looking for volunteers? I’d love to help with writing, coloring, or general designing for this project!

  4. I love that in the backround there is Sokkas boomerang, sukis fan, Kataras waterbending scroll, Tophs champion belt and a miny flying bison.
    I love the tiny details in this and I give you all my support on creating the new avatar.

    1. Hi I am new to this page and I love the content and the best of luck to you. And thank you for having this volunteer thing it is nice I cant wait to see the community grow. And who is the main villain?

  5. Wait one more question will you be getting Nickelodeon approvals

  6. Hi, if ever you plan to make a next avatar after Genji, I have a storyline in my mind

  7. Thx for reminding us this has been the best show for me since it came out this series I’ve watched the whole series over and over again I’m gonna go watch it again lol

  8. Hey this is just suggestion but what if amon had a kid and there like a grand lotus and teach genji how to water bend 😀😀

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