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Writers Application 2021! (CLOSED)

The Legend of Genji Development Team is looking for 2 talented writers who can help us brainstorm plot elements, proofread and critique scripts, work on character sheets and take on writing and research tasks!

We’re excited to bring new perspectives to the team, and we’re particularly eager to receive applications from people of color and people with disabilities.

The Legend of Genji is a volunteer-based fan project that is not associated with Nickelodeon, Viacom, or the creators of Avatar: the Last Airbender or the Legend of Korra. The team does not provide monetary compensation, but we can certainly promote your work, provide exposure to a global digital audience, and help you strengthen your artistic skills. Our team is comprised of young professionals in a variety of fields, ranging from consulting to the comic book industry — there may be other ways we can help advance your career! Please see a more detailed description of responsibilities below.

*** ATTENTION: The major beats of the story are largely decided. We do welcome your thoughts and perspectives on how we might tweak the smaller details or improve character development and the order of events in later books ***

Open Role: Writing Support (2 spots)


  • Work collaboratively with a diverse, multicultural team via ClickUp, Trello, Google Drive, and Discord
  • Work on character and plot development and research tasks assigned by the Lead Writers
  • Assist the Social Media team with text for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr posts
  • Partner with other writers on upcoming chapter scripts
  • Give and receive constructive criticism with a positive attitude and growth mindset.
  • Stay up-to-date with all story elements, plot points, scripts, and characters
  • Participate in team activities and discussions consistently (text-based, video calls, voice chats)
  • Produce work in a timely manner, providing progress updates to the Team Lead, Lead Writers, and teammates
  • Maintain strict confidentiality on all team materials, sites, notes, scripts, storyboards, concept art, account information, teammate information, etc.
  • Act responsibly and maintain a positive online presence on all social media accounts related to the project


  • Fluent or advanced speaking/writing ability in English
  • Proven previous experience in creative writing
  • Self-motivated; Able to proactively seek and sign up for writing tasks
  • A positive attitude and collaborative mindset
  • Commitment to at least 6 hours of activities every week
  • Must be well-versed in Avatar canon
  • Understand and accept that the LoG Team is a diverse, inclusive family full of sappy nerds who will shower you with love, affection, and obnoxious memes. Our team has become a community, and we hope you’ll join us as both a team member and a friend.

Bonus Points:

  • Management and organizational skills
  • Multiple languages (especially Chinese, Russian and German)
  • Basic social media analytics, Google Analytics, SEO, etc. 
  • Previous experience in scriptwriting (either film, TV, comics, etc)
  • Video editing
  • Math skills

If you’re interested in applying, please apply to this Google Form by 11:59 PM EST on MONDAY, MAY 31ST. Late applications will not be considered.


  1. Wow this looks like such a great opportunity I would love to apply for. How do I go about sending in a application?

    1. Hi! If you click on the Google Form link at the bottom of the article, that’s where you can apply! 😁

      1. Thank you all, my name is Mahmoud from Iraq and I am so sorry that I do not have the money to support you

  2. I would love to be a writer of ur loG team, if am picked as one of the two writers.

  3. Hey, I was just wondering what you would count as “Proven previos writing experience? Would you mean like some other projects you worked on, a specific course you followed or describing just what experience in Creative writing one has ? I’d love to know a bit more, thanks!

    1. Hi there! Previous writing experience is anything that you’ve done before that taught you how to become a better writer. This can be classes, jobs, projects, partnerships, internships, etc.!

  4. Math skill has bonus points in writers application!? Why?

  5. This is the perfect opportunity for me! I need some experience for college, and I love writing with a passion!

  6. I have written previously, but I unfortunately do not have proof (I can still tell you what classes I took if you want)? Is that okay?

  7. Is there a age limit? Also, what if we don’t have Social media

  8. Hi I can speak german and im very self motivated .
    i like to work on posts write storys and etc.

  9. Hi I have a few clarifying questions if that is alright for you about the Writing Additions;

    For prompt 1; what kind of argument do you want us to write? Do you want us to write a quick short story about two people arguing or do you want us to just randomly write an argument between two people out of thin air?

    For prompt 2; what kind of character should we write about; should we right about someone who is fiction, non-fiction, someone who we just created in our heads? And if so what should we write about them; their likes, dislikes, their life story?

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything, I just want know exactly what you guys are looking for in these auditions.

  10. Hello! I wanted to ask what is the age limit to sign up. I am 11 and I have experience and I have lots of great ideas. I really don’t want this opportunity to pass me.

  11. Sorry I am a 13 year old African boy is it ok if I applied even tho I have school from 07:15 Monday to Friday and also only have discord

  12. Is there a search limit? Cause I am 12 but I am a all time writer and a HUGE Avatar fan! I know EVERYTHING. So please don’t say it is 18 and up. But if you do, it’s completely understandable. Thanks!

  13. Hey, so I’ve seen a lot of comments about age requirements and I know this is kind of late, but I think all that matters is the experience and amount of work you are willing to put into it. It doesn’t matter if you are too young to write because writing has no age limit. Speaking from experience. Even professional settings value experience over age. At fourteen years old, I tend to write a lot and have gotten a name around my school and friend group for being an excellent writer. If anyone here is having second doubts about applying because of their age, know that it doesn’t matter and the only thing that does is your enjoyment.

    I’m not on the team or anything btw I’m just putting this out because I feel like a lot of us have doubts like these based on certain grouped factors.

  14. hi! I’m a 11 year old. And I think I’m the #1 Most HUGEST Avatar fan in the UNIVERSE!!!!!
    I can’t wait for LOG!

  15. Holy smokes. I’ve just found this. I didn’t know. A year ago, I wrote my own synopsis about the next avatar being a sand bender, with some plot lines and more, and my mind is blown that it already exists in the world. Had I known, I would have applied, but I see applications are closed now. I’ve got some ideas about this that might be interesting or helpful. I’d love to at least submit what I have and give input for your consideration. I think you’d like it.

  16. I rlly want to be a writer for the legend of Genji! Will there be another time soon when u guys will need more writers?

  17. Hey, I was wondering if I could apply to join The Legend Of Genji team! I rlly love your concept, so could I join please? I have some experience in writing.

  18. Will you be taking applications for 2022? I am a HUGE fan of the avatar universe and I’ve been looking for a creative outlet to get myself back on track with creative projects. This seems like an amazing opportunity!

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