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New Website Update! (05/24/2021)

Written by Dray and Kourtney

Hey everyone, we’re excited to announce that The Legend of Genji website has got a brand new look!  A lot of love and hard work has been put into it by our wonderful teammates Caitlyn and Kourtney, so make sure to go and thank them!  We hope you enjoy checking out all the cool new stuff; it took a few weeks to do so there’s a lot to go over.  We have a quick guide below, so you can make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Updated Character Pages

Instead of all six of the main characters on one page, we’ve broken them up into six different pages! Each page now has:

  • Brand new character biographies
  • FAQ sections under each biography
  • New images 👀

World Information Pages

All 9 pages and the landing page have been revamped! Here, you can find:

  • A brand new page – the Ocean Folk!
  • New information about each nation in Genji’s time
  • More new images 👀
  • FAQ sections for each page

New Prologue Page

We have a brand new section for you guys to explore! This new page contains:

  • Some backstory to the prologue
  • Our prologue video and the script
  • What happened to the Krew, the Gaang, etc.

Revamped Art Portfolio

The story content isn’t the only thing that’s been updated! Our art portfolio now has:

  • Even more new images 👀
  • New artwork from team artists 👀👀
  • New sections like Prologue Art, Old Artwork, etc.

Updated General FAQ section

Like we announced in one of our Instagram posts, we updated our general FAQ! It now has answers to several questions our fans have asked 😄

We hope you guys like all the new information, pages, artwork and more as we continue to work on the story! And thank you once again for all your likes, comments, follows, and shares! Your support means everything to us! Until the next update, stay safe and take care!


      1. I know! I’m just super excited! I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for the project. Best of luck to all who applied! I give my hearty encouragements to them and the team <3

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