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Project Update: Book 1 Trailer & Release Date Announcement

Written by: Macky & Kourtney

It’s been a long time coming, but The Legend of Genji Book 1 is almost here! Check out our trailer below to see what Book 1: Sand has in store! 👀

Let us know what you think and we’ll see you on the 16th!

-Love, Macky & the team


  1. So excited to start reading the first book on April 16th!!!

  2. Is this the entirety of book 1 or just 1 chapter release at a time? Great to see this coming to fruition! I have been looking forward to this for years and am excited on seeing everyone’s hard work. Thanks again for your dedication in continuing the story.

  3. I hope the next Avatar after Genji is going to be combustion bender Avatar?

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