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Written by: Kourtney

Now that our trailer is live, let’s announce some Genji release dates!

First things first, we’ll be releasing the first chapter in multiple parts. The dates we’ll be posting are below:

Please remember that these dates are flexible, and that can change if something comes up!

Second, a lot of people have been asking where to find this. The comic will be posted on Webtoons – keep an eye on our social media to see where to find it this coming week!

Until, then, take care and we’ll see you on April 16th!

-The Legend of Genji Development Team


  1. Finally, I have been waiting for to this to come out since it was first announced

  2. Vim através do vídeo feito pelo canal Mundo Avatar no youtube, lá a ingrid fez o anúncio e achei muito bom porque o lançamento caiu na véspera do meu aniversário, já serve como um presente de vocês. No geral acredito que vai ser muito bom e tomara que tenha em português já que meu inglês não é lá dos melhores.

    espero que o pessoal da equipe que é daqui do brasil leia esse comentário 😅

  3. I am wondering how they are going to use this story to introduce the next avatar after this story. On top of that they need to make this comics into a TV show or film. The story building and everything is bad ass.

  4. The characters and worldbuilding seem very promising and interesting. I’m really excited to read this. Hope it gets the love I hope it deserves.

  5. thank you for continuing the avatar legacy!! you guys are the best!!

  6. Holy W. Been following since 2017. Really excited to see this after all these years!

  7. In Australia at midnight on 16th April like agghhhh does this count as the 16th yet!!!? ❤ looking forward to it so much! I grew up with avatar aang coming out on tv and it literally helped develop the basis of my spiritual mindset! Thank you for continuing this wonderful universe! 🙂

  8. Hi for the non US based people, which timezone do you conform to? Thank you

  9. Where can I read it? Sorry, I’m just excited ❤ It's almost 3 pm in Europe

  10. Hi. How to wacht the comic? I don’t find it on weebtoons. It’s and another way?

  11. Umm guys . Any update ? i can’t find it anywhere and it’s April 16 today , can someone link it to me

  12. Its Been so long I cant wait Im sure this will be a great Show/comic

  13. Oh my god this literally made my day
    I’m so excited everything looks so good and I like the character designs alot
    I always wanted more Avatar series
    This made me alive again

  14. I wasn’t a fan of Korra, but I did like this project, read the first chap and I’m enjoying it so far.

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