Meet Aiko Hibana


Age: 17

Height: 5’4″ (162 cm)

Weight: 140 lbs. (63.5 kg.)

Nationality: Fire Nation

Bender: Yes

Strengths: Outgoing, bold, fiercely compassionate, devoted

Weaknesses: Perfectionist, bossy, anxious, proud

Fun fact: Aiko is obsessed with collecting vinyl and rock music.

Aiko was adopted by Hitomi Hibana, the Fire Nation’s ambassador to the Earth Federation, not long after she was born in the summer of 192 AG and has enjoyed the posh life of an upper-class Fire Nation citizen. Raising a child as a single, working mother was no easy feat for Hitomi, who had to leave Aiko with her family or at prestigious boarding schools. Aiko’s relationship with her mother is strained since Aiko doesn’t see her much.

Once she was old enough, Aiko started attending the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. (The same one Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee attended). The strict culture of the school greatly influenced Aiko’s personality. Aiko strives for perfection in whatever she does. She is never content with leaving a job half done, especially when it comes to schoolwork. However, this desire leads her to be opinionated and a bit bossy, which sometimes brings her into conflict with the other girls in the school. But, when you get to know her, her charismatic, bold, and friendly nature shines through.

But, when she’s not busy with school work, Aiko is listening to all the most popular bands, such as the rock band “Fire Lady”. Being surrounded by upper-class life has its perks since Aiko knows a lot of famous personalities, including a popular actress from the show “Starbenders”.

(Written by Dray)

Aiko FAQ

Does Aiko know she’s adopted?

Aiko knows she’s adopted since she is being raised by a single mother. Her biological family is not really a concern for her.

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