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Born in the spring of 192 AG, Genji, a sandbender of the Hami Tribe, grew up freely roaming the Si Wong Desert alongside his friends and family. However, five years ago, the Earth Federation government forcibly relocated all sandbenders to urban areas. Genji, his mom, Zahra, and his little sister, Shai, live in Jinsha, a small city located on the northern edge of the Si Wong Desert. 


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The 18-year-old son of Kai and Jinora, Kalsang is a prodigy among the next generation of the Air Nation. Born in the fall of 191 AG, Kalsang’s very curious about the world and loves learning more about everything. He’s also got Kai’s more carefree attitude with the world and events that come into his life unless something interferes with him watching his favorite TV series, Starbenders.


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Nami is a non-bender born in the Northern Water Tribe, born on the Winter Solstice in 194 AG. The healers predicted that Nami would become a great waterbender because of her powerful spiritual energies. Despite enrolling her in a private bending school and trying her hardest, Nami was never able to waterbend. However, since she was very little, she’s been able to see spirits and has a close relationship with them.


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Aiko was adopted by Hitomi Hibana, the Fire Nation’s ambassador to the Earth Federation, not long after she was born in the summer of 192 AG and has enjoyed the posh life of an upper-class Fire Nation citizen. Raising a child as a single, working mother was no easy feat for Hitomi, who had to leave Aiko with her family or at prestigious boarding schools.


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Born in the city of Gaoling in the spring of 192 AG, Luan and his family’s destiny changed forever when President Bao Jun of the Earth Federation and the White Lotus named him the next Avatar on television. This announcement brought the press to their doorstep, clamoring for interviews and pictures of the new 6-year-old Avatar.


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Maya (formally called Maya of the Clay and Boat Clans) was born in the winter of 193 AG and grew up in one of the Ocean Folk’s “floating cities”. When the ancient Earth Kingdom expanded, the Ocean Folk were forced off their land. So, the Ocean Folk relocated to the sea to live on floating cities made of vines and clay. The second youngest of six children, she was the prankster of her family. Like all the children in her clan, Maya spent a lot of time playing in the ocean waves and learning skills from the Ocean Folk elders.


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