Meet the new Team Avatar – the Geng!

Meet the members of the Geng and learn more about them!


Born and raised in a small sandbender settlement, Genji’s family moved to the bustling city of Jinsha following the forced relocation of sandbender tribes 4 years ago. Genji traded his homemade sand-sailor for a mop and bucket, taking on odd jobs around the city to support his mother and little sister. Now 17 years old, Genji is a skilled sandbender, but also a chronic truant who struggles in school.

Family-Oriented  |  Practical  |  Defiant  |  Cynical  |  Avoidant



The 17-year-old son of two well-known airbenders, Kalsang is a prodigy among the next generation of the Air Nation. He grew up practicing a traditional Airbender lifestyle, traveling the world and dedicating his time to airbending studies. Having earned his Master’s tattoos, Kalsang now spends most of his time training other young airbenders and working alongside his mother to preserve the history of the Air Nomads.

Curious  |  Idealistic  |  Intelligent  |  Know-It-All  |  Dramatic



Nami is the only daughter of Tomkin, an oil rig worker in the Northern Water Tribe. When she was little, healers predicted Nami would be a great waterbender, and her delighted parents enrolled her in a private waterbending academy. Years later, she has never shown any bending ability and is bullied mercilessly by her peers. Nami finds comfort in her best friends — the assortment of odd little spirits that frequent her home.

Cheerful  |  Quiet  |  Generous  |  Perceptive  | Impatient



Aiko is the adopted daughter of a successful Fire Nation diplomat. She is enrolled in the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, a boarding school for the elite of Fire Nation society. There, she excels in academics and firebending, consistently ranking at the top of her class. However, constantly striving for success has left Aiko with perfectionist tendencies and anxiety.

Outgoing  |  Perfectionist  |  Fiercely Compassionate  |  Anxious  |  Proud



Born in the southern city of Gaoling, Luan was named Korra’s successor as the new Avatar by the White Lotus and Dai Li at a young age. His family moved to the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, and Luan received an elite education along with world-class earthbending training. A personal favorite of President Bao Jun and the darling of the Earth Federation, Luan has developed the charisma, intelligence, and physical prowess necessary to become a great Avatar. Despite mastering earthbending and metalbending, Luan has not yet successfully firebent. As he gets older, he begins to question his skills and whether or not he’s truly prepared to take on the role as Avatar.

Diplomatic  |  Kindhearted  |  Determined  |  Loyal  |  Self-Critical


Among the Ocean Folk, she is formally called Maya of the Clay and Boat Clans. One of six children, she is the daughter of a fisherman and an academic. Growing up on the eastern shores of the Earth Federation, at the edge of land and sea, Maya spent her childhood swimming and playing in the waves. When she turned 12, Maya was taken by Dai Li agents to train. Now 17, she has just graduated from the Dai Li training academy, and her first assignment is beyond her wildest dreams — she has joined the Avatar’s personal security detail.

Straightforward  |  Tactical  |  Ambitious  |  Sarcastic  |  Mischievous

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