Meet Genji


Age: 17

Height: 5’10” (178 cm)

Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg.)

Nationality: Sandbender

Bender: Yes

Strengths: Adaptable, family-oriented, practical, dedicated

Weaknesses: Defiant, cynical, avoidant, untrusting

Fun fact: Genji and his sister, Shai, are big probender fans. They’re huge fans of the Fire Ferrets.

Born in the spring of 192 AG, Genji, a sandbender of the Hami Tribe, grew up freely roaming the Si Wong Desert alongside his friends and family. However, five years ago, the Earth Federation government forcibly relocated all sandbenders to urban areas. Genji, his mom, Zahra, and his little sister, Shai, live in Jinsha, a small city located on the northern edge of the Si Wong Desert. He hates it there. He hates the rigid confines of city life, and he starts getting into a lot of trouble. He eventually drops out of school to help pay the bills, finding odd jobs here and there.

Nowadays, Genji mainly helps out at Old Man Lao’s repair shop. When finances get particularly tight (or when he just needs to blow off some steam) he ventures down into the “Sandbox”, an illegal underground boxing ring where sandbenders fight for cash prizes.

And, as a 17-year-old boy who’s spent most of his teenage years as “the man of the house” in a foreign place, Genji is understandably very moody. He doesn’t trust anyone and really only opens up to his sister, Shai. That being said, a sure way to crack his sulky exterior is to talk about probending. He’s obsessed with the Fire Ferrets and considers himself a die-hard fan despite the team’s 17-year losing streak.

(Written by Indi)

Genji FAQ

Wait…who is the Avatar, Luan or Genji?

Genji is the true Avatar (which is why it’s the Legend of Genji and not the Legend of Luan lol) but as to why everyone thinks Luan is the true Avatar, you’ll have to find out!

Why doesn’t Genji look like Asami?

Macky designed Genji a long time ago before that fan theory became popular. We don’t have any plans to change his design to look more like Asami 🙂

What is Genji’s animal guide?

We’ve developed Genji’s animal guide, but we’re keeping them a surprise until they appear in the comic (it won’t take too long for them to show up).

Why does Genji wear traditional sandbender clothing?

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