Meet Luan


Age: 17

Height: 5’9” (175 cm.)

Weight: 160 lbs. (72.5 kg.)

Nationality: Earth Federation

Bender: Yes

Strengths: Diplomatic, natural leader, altruistic, hardworking

Weaknesses: Self-critical, self-destructive, uptight, uncertain

Fun fact: Not many know this, but Avatar Luan has a geeky side he likes to keep to himself. He’s a fan of the Starbenders TV series and has personally met the cast.

Born in the city of Gaoling in the spring of 192 AG, Luan and his family’s destiny changed forever when President Bao Jun of the Earth Federation and the White Lotus named him the next Avatar on television. This announcement brought the press to their doorstep, clamoring for interviews and pictures of the new 6-year-old Avatar. His mother, Mingyu, loved all the attention but Cheng Li, his father, was not amused by the number of strangers wandering about his household asking invasive questions or for little Luan’s autograph.

After being announced as the Avatar, Bao Jun had the family moved to the inner circle of Ba Sing Se for their protection and safety, and Luan received an elite education along with world-class earthbending training. Quickly becoming the darling of the Earth Federation, Luan developed the charisma, intelligence, and physical prowess necessary to become a great Avatar.

But as the years go on, Luan is becoming immensely frustrated by the slow pace of his Avatar training. He hasn’t yet successfully firebent yet and he begins to question his skills and whether or not he’s truly prepared to take on the role as the Avatar. When he turned 16, Luan begs Bao Jun to let him at least start his metalbending training. Bao Jun finally allows it, so Luan and his animal companion, Yin Cheng, travel to the independent city-state of Zaofu where he trains with the Beifong clan to perfect his metalbending skills.

(Written by Kourtney)

Luan FAQ

Wait…who is the Avatar, Luan or Genji?

Genji is the true Avatar (which is why it’s the Legend of Genji and not the Legend of Luan lol) but as to why everyone thinks Luan is the true Avatar, you’ll have to find out!

Does Luan know he’s not the real Avatar?

Luan has no idea. The lie becomes is way more convincing if Luan actually believes he’s the Avatar; plus, Luan’s parents, the Krew, and most world leaders don’t know the truth.

Is Luan the dark Avatar?

Genji is the only Avatar in the story!

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