Meet Maya


Age: 16

Height: 5’7” (170 cm.)

Weight: 135 lbs. (61 kg.)

Nationality: Ocean Folk


Strengths: To-the-point, tactical, ambitious, mischievous

Weaknesses: Secretive, obsessive, manipulative, jealous

Fun fact: Maya throws little rebellions to counter the Dai Li’s strict rules: she keeps forbidden snacks under her bunk, taking long showers than she should, is lazy about doing her laundry, etc.

Maya (formally called Maya of the Clay and Boat Clans) was born in the winter of 193 AG and grew up in one of the Ocean Folk’s “floating cities”. When the ancient Earth Kingdom expanded, the Ocean Folk were forced off their land. So, the Ocean Folk relocated to the sea to live on floating cities made of vines and clay. The second youngest of six children, she was the prankster of her family. Like all the children in her clan, Maya spent a lot of time playing in the ocean waves and learning skills from the Ocean Folk elders.

The Ocean Folk has suffered on-and-off colonization by the Earth Kingdom.  As part of the Earth Federation’s occupation, the Dai Li are permitted to recruit talented benders they find from the Ocean Folk. When she was 10, Maya was recruited by them and has spent the last 5 years living and training in Ba Sing Se. Among the Dai Li, Maya is known as a loyal officer and a tactical fighter. When she is alone, however, she becomes just as sarcastic as she was among her family. During her free time, Maya can be found reading comics, especially Wolfbatman. Because of Maya’s loyalty and tenacity, Maya has caught the attention of higher-ups in Ba Sing Se and she is now part of Avatar Luan’s personal security detail.

(Written by Caitlyn)

Maya FAQ

What kind of bender is Maya?

That is classified information, available only for Dai Li agents and members. (It will be revealed in the comic!)

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