Meet Nami


Image of Nami wearing her braids and a yellow and white shirtAge: 15

Height: 5’1″ (154 cm)

Weight: 130 lbs. (59 kg.)

Nationality: Northern Water Tribe

Bender: No

Strengths: Cheerful, generous, perceptive, romantic

Weaknesses: Self-conscious, people-pleaser, gullible, out-of-touch with reality

Fun fact: Nami enjoys snacking on junk food and meat, which is a big adjustment when she goes to live with the Air Acolytes.

Nami is a non-bender born in the Northern Water Tribe, born on the Winter Solstice in 194 AG. The healers predicted that Nami would become a great waterbender because of her powerful spiritual energies. Despite enrolling her in a private bending school and trying her hardest, Nami was never able to waterbend. However, since she was very little, she’s been able to see spirits and has a close relationship with them. Nami’s situation is similar to Jinora’s spiritual abilities in the Legend of Korra but in a more chaotic way. Nami doesn’t know how to control this and sometimes ends up in the spirit world by accident.

This chaotic spiritual sensitivity and her lack of waterbending has always made Nami be seen as the weird kid in her hometown. She’s been severely bullied in school and has no close friends other than a sarcastic spirit named Po. Her parents, Sessi and Tomkin, are trying their best but even they have limits when it comes to handling Nami’s spiritual powers.

This is why, at fifteen years old, she moves to Air Temple Island to be trained as an Air Acolyte under an invitation by Jinora herself. As an Acolyte, Nami would be able to learn more about spirits and the spirit world and, hopefully, how to control her powers. Yet, even at the Air Nation, she doesn’t feel completely welcomed – she’s not a bender like them, and the other kids can’t see spirits like she can. She clearly stands out. Oh, and the fact that she’s a meat lover and hates vegetables also poses a challenge for her in Air Temple Island.

(Written by Indi)

Nami FAQ

Is Nami a bender?

She’s not; she has very powerful spiritual abilities, but no water or airbending abilities.

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