Spirits & Animals


  1. If I may make a suggestion his spirit guardian should be rideable because though he should be different from the others he should also have the basic essentials that all the other avatars have so for his I want to suggest a coyote buzzard like a vulture lion but more desert like big enough to ride with vulture wings a coyote head body and tail and buzzard feet

    1. I have one little suggestion no wings because if it’s from the dessert it would mean it’s part of the earth element

  2. Pls think about my creation I don’t even care if you give me credit I just want you to draw it so I can see it to life if you do wanna give me credit though I’m Justin fairley I currently live in mcdonough Georgia and honestly my fan comic with ur character has and is helping me soooooo much

  3. I think that “camel goat” is a much better name for the antelope camel-rabbit. I get that horns are from the antelope and the floppy ears are from the rabbit, but both these traits (and the beard) remind me more of a goat.

  4. A small animal companion would be grand for Genji and a big one for Luan. Just more contrasts between the two.

  5. I feel like it would be cool if genjis animal guide was a spirit animal and could shrink in his pocket or somethin’

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