After the Legend of Korra

35 years after Kuvira’s surrender, a tentative peace has settled around the world. After the death of Queen Hou-Ting and the Earth Empire invasion, Prince Wu of the Hou-Ting Dynasty abdicates his throne. He and Avatar Korra establish a new government, the Earth Federation, and the first democratic elections are held in the city of Gaoling in 174 AG. A woman named Ruolan is elected as the first president of the Earth Federation.

Unfortunately, the best-laid plans often go awry. The nobles and the very wealthy lost a lot of benefits when the monarchy was removed, and so to have their support, President Ruolan makes sure that she and her new administration are on their good side. This results in the elite having the majority of resources and power, while the common citizens struggle to get by.

12 years later, a new president, a military general named Jianwu, is elected. But a lot in the Earth Federation has changed in those 12 years, and not all of it is good. The possibility of an economic depression is becoming more and more real, and losing reelection lurks in his future if President Jianwu doesn’t fix the economy quickly. He chooses to invade the Si Wong Desert and the Foggy Swamp; the desert has large deposits of oil and ore under the sand, while the swamp is a near-endless source of wood. Both the sandbenders and swampbenders fight back to protect their homes. But they cannot push back the armies of the Earth Federation, who use their machinery and larger numbers to overpower their opponents.

With both the Foggy Swamp and the Si Wong Desert simultaneously under threat, Avatar Korra had to quickly make a choice. Her hand forced, Korra goes to the aid of the swampbenders and the Banyan-Grove Tree. Korra and the Foggy Swamp Tribe successfully defend their territory from the Earth Federation but the sandbenders are vulnerable. Unable to resist the Earth Federation armies, the sandbenders are displaced from their homeland… 

Even with this important victory under his belt, Jianwu loses reelection to a new politician: the Dai Li leader, a man named Bao Jun. At first, things go well but a few months into his new presidency, Avatar Korra is killed in a cataclysmic explosion that threatened the whole of Ba Sing Se. Now, the Earth Federation and Bao Jun have a new goal: to find the newest reincarnation of the Avatar. 



(LoG Prologue Final Script)

The Next Avatar

In 198 AG, the Earth Federation and the White Lotus announce on worldwide television the discovery of the newest Avatar: a bright-eyed, cheerful boy from Gaoling named Luan. The new Avatar and his parents are brought to the inner circle of Ba Sing Se for their own protection and safety when the press showed up on their doorstep in Gaoling. In the city, Luan receives the highest standard of earthbending training from the best tutors in the Earth Federation.

Growing up in a new era of technology and television, Luan became an international celebrity. He engages with the public in regular radio and television interviews, and he goes on tours around the Earth Federation. He’s regularly featured on magazine covers and has his own fangirl army.

But as the years go on, Luan becomes immensely frustrated by the slow pace of his Avatar training. He hasn’t yet successfully firebent yet and he is beginning to question his skills and whether or not he’s truly prepared to take on the role as the Avatar. When he turned 16, Luan begs Bao Jun to let him at least start his metalbending training. Bao Jun finally allows it, so Luan and his animal companion, Yin Cheng, travel to the independent city-state of Zaofu where he trains with the Beifong clan to perfect his metalbending skills.

The story begins with his hero’s welcome back to Ba Sing Se…

(Written by Caitlyn and Kourtney)

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What about Sokka/Suki/Azula/the others?

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