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The Sandbender Tribes are the people indigenous to the Si Wong Desert in the Earth Federation split into several distinct tribes. Named for their special style of bending loose sand instead of solid earth, the tribes have adapted to the harsh desert environment by becoming nomads, traders, raiders, and scavengers. They travel across the sand dunes by sand-sailers and guide themselves using the stars and the desert’s unique magnetism. 


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The Ocean Folk are the indigenous people who live on the eastern shores of the Earth Federation. Similar to the Foggy Swamp Tribe, their ancestors were waterbenders who migrated south along the eastern side of the continent. They married earthbenders and became an integrated society, mixing Northern Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom traditions together.


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The Earth Federation (formerly the Earth Kingdom) is a huge country covering an entire continent, and it has the largest population in the world. Because of its size and different geographies, this nation has a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity such as the swampbenders, sandbenders, Ocean Folk, Kyoshi warriors, etc. But despite their differences, the people of the Earth Federation have valued their pride, resilience, and strength.


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The United Republic of Nations was created by Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko after the end of the Hundred Year War and the Harmony Restoration Movement. It was created to be a society where benders and nonbenders from all four nations could live in peace and harmony. The nation has a unique culture, shaped by immigration from all around the world and a technological revolution. Its capital is Republic City, a large, modern city located on the shores of Yue Bay. During Kuvira’s invasion, a new spirit portal was opened in the middle of Republic City by Avatar Korra. 


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For thousands of years, the Air Nomads were peaceful wanderers in search of spiritual enlightenment. Four Air Temples served as homes for monks, nuns, and young airbenders where they lived simply. That changed, however, when the Air Nomads were almost completely wiped out after Fire Lord Sozin ordered his armies to destroy the airbenders and their temples. Avatar Aang survived the genocide, and after the end of the Hundred Year War, he slowly rebuilt the Air Nation. 


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The Fire Nation is an independent state located on a series of volcanic islands. For over 100 years, the Fire Nation was an aggressive colonial power controlled by the Fire Lord. Under the rule of Fire Lord Sozin and his descendants, the Fire Nation wanted to spread its culture around the world through force and domination. They committed genocide against the Air Nomads, nearly destroyed the Southern Water Tribe, invaded Ba Sing Se, and took control of some Earth Kingdom territory to create their own colonies. 


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The Northern Water Tribe is an independent state that covers the entire North Pole. Its power also covered the South Pole until the Hundred Year War forced the Northern Water Tribe to lose contact with its sister tribe. The Northern and Southern Water Tribe cultures split from each other over 100 years; the North kept its strict social structure and spirituality, while the South became more open-minded and progressive. 


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The Southern Water Tribe is an independent state covering the South Pole. During Avatar Aang’s time, the Southern Water Tribe nearly became extinct due to Fire Nation raids. With the aid of their sister tribe to the North, the Southern Water Tribe was able to rebuild after the end of the Hundred Year War. However, a century of cultural changes between the North and South eventually led to the Water Tribe Civil War in 171 AG. Avatar Korra ended the war and declared the Southern Water Tribe’s independence. 


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Long ago, before the Avatar, the spirit portals were open and allowed easy travel between the physical and spiritual worlds. At this time, humans were fewer in number and reliant on lion turtles for protection against angry spirits. With the exception of the ancient Air Nomads, most humans were afraid of spirits and tried to avoid contact with them. 


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