Earth Federation

Brief History

The Earth Federation (formerly the Earth Kingdom) is a huge country covering an entire continent, and it has the largest population in the world. Because of its size and different geographies, this nation has a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity such as the swampbenders, sandbenders, Ocean Folk, Kyoshi warriors, etc. But despite their differences, the people of the Earth Federation have valued their pride, resilience, and strength.

During the Hundred Year War, the Earth Kingdom managed to stop most of the Fire Nation invasions, but not all of them as some of its northwestern territory was colonized by Fire Nation settlers. After the war, that territory was lost when Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang created the United Republic of Nations from the oldest Fire Nation colonies in the kingdom. The belief that this territory was stolen by the Avatar and Fire Nation remains a source of anger between the Earth Federation and other nations. Kuvira also held this belief when she invaded the United Republic, but she was stopped by Avatar Korra.

In Genji’s Time

Bao Jun, current president of the Earth Federation

The Earth Federation has had many political changes over the past 30+ years. After Kuvira’s attempted coup, Prince Wu and Avatar Korra established a new government, breaking the huge nation into different states with elected leaders for each state (similar to the United Republic of Nations). Unfortunately, the first round of elections was taken control of by powerful corporations and the wealthy elite, creating a somewhat democratic system full of corruption.

The Earth Federation has many economic troubles: massive national debt, a struggling economy, and growing wealth inequality. In order to create more jobs and boost the economy, the government chose to invade the Si Wong Desert after discovering large deposits of oil and ore under the sand. The sandbenders resisted as best they could, but they weren’t able to hold back the Earth Federation armies and were forcibly displaced. The oil and ore from the Si Wong Desert are invaluable for both the Earth Federation economy and the economies of other nations, especially the Fire Nation.

The current President, Bao Jun, is doing his best to hold the Earth Federation together. His administration suffers from corruption, rising tensions with the United Republic, criticism from other nations, and dangerous new revolutionary ideas among the lower classes. Tensions between different regions in the Earth Federation are also increasing, particularly as Bao Jun’s administration tries to force a single “Earth Federation identity” on the huge diversity of people living in the nation.

(Written by Macky)

Earth Federation FAQ

How does the Earth Federation feel about LGBTQ+ people?

“The Earth Kingdom has been the slowest to accept change.” -Kya, Turf Wars

Despite Avatar Korra’s best efforts, the ruling class of Ba Sing Se still enforces traditional societal norms. The nation struggles with its conflicting views of LGBTQ+ people.

What happened to the Swampbenders?

When the Earth Federation president Jianwu chose to invade the Si Wong Desert and the Foggy Swamp at the same time for their resources, Avatar Korra had to quickly make a choice. Her hand forced, Korra went to the aid of the swampbenders and the Banyan-Grove Tree. She successfully pushed back the Earth Federation armies and declared the swamp protected lands. The swampbenders view Korra as a mythical hero, while the Earth Federation sees their loss against the swampbenders as a disgrace and embarrassment.

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