Fire Nation

Brief History

The Fire Nation is an independent state located on a series of volcanic islands. For over 100 years, the Fire Nation was an aggressive colonial power controlled by the Fire Lord. Under the rule of Fire Lord Sozin and his descendants, the Fire Nation wanted to spread its culture around the world through force and domination. They committed genocide against the Air Nomads, nearly destroyed the Southern Water Tribe, invaded Ba Sing Se, and took control of some Earth Kingdom territory to create their own colonies. 

With the return of Sozin’s Comet in 100 AG, Fire Lord Ozai set out to conquer the rest of the Earth Kingdom, but was stopped by Avatar Aang. And during Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lord Izumi’s reigns, the Fire Nation worked to restore peaceful relations with other nations and make amends for past aggressions. The Fire Nation officially declared itself a peaceful nation and set out to undo the damage it caused. However, negative attitudes toward the Fire Nation and firebenders remain today.

Image of the Fire Nation royal palace around sunset.

In Genji’s Time

The current Fire Lord is Izumi’s daughter, Shizuka. When her older brother Iroh II renounced his claim to the throne (much to the shock of the nation), Shizuka was next in line to rule. She was crowned Fire Lord in 191 AG when Izumi stepped down, and her son Kazuo became Crown Prince.

Did you know? Aiko has been dancing since she was 4 years old! Her favorite style combines ballet-inspired grace with the beauty of firebending.

Under Fire Lord Shizuka’s rule, the Fire Nation has worked to modernize and keep up with social changes going on in the world. But despite these efforts, much of the traditional social structure of Fire Nation society endures. Tradition, obedience, and strictness are highly valued while self-expression and individuality are not. Fire Nation society is still very hierarchical, and wealth and power are kept among the nobles and elite. More and more, the younger generation is questioning these foundational beliefs of the Fire Nation. A number of counterculture movements are growing, and the elite fear they will disrupt society as they know it.  

Still making amends for Sozin’s genocide, the Fire Nation provides annual reparations to the Air Nation. The return of Sozin’s Comet in 200 AG sparked intense discussions about the name of the comet and its violent origins, with many wanting to return to its previous name, “the Great Comet”. In addition to rebuilding their relationship with the Air Nation, the Fire Nation has formed strong alliances with the Southern Water Tribe and the United Republic. The Fire Nation is very dependent on cheap resources from the Earth Federation, which has led to questionable relationships with leaders and businesses.




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