Southern Water Tribe

Brief History

The Southern Water Tribe is an independent state covering the South Pole. During Avatar Aang’s time, the Southern Water Tribe nearly became extinct due to Fire Nation raids. With the aid of their sister tribe to the North, the Southern Water Tribe was able to rebuild after the end of the Hundred Year War. However, a century of cultural changes between the North and South eventually led to the Water Tribe Civil War in 171 AG. Avatar Korra ended the war and declared the Southern Water Tribe’s independence. Now ruled by a chief chosen by the Council of Elders, the South Pole is flourishing. Its citizens mostly live in its coastal capital, Harbor City, and several nearby towns.

The people of the Southern Water Tribe are proud and progressive. Notably, the Southern Water Tribe has abandoned many of the strict spiritual traditions its sister tribe still practices. In the South Pole, spiritual practice is largely up to the individual, not the community or government. However, the Southern Spirit Portal is still strictly guarded by the White Lotus to prevent human-spirit conflict.

In Genji’s Time

Unlike their northern counterpart, the Southern Water Tribe is quite progressive on social issues, including same-sex marriage. Avatar Korra’s high-profile marriage to Asami Sato inspired the tribe’s people to strive for more dialogue and open-mindedness. Over the last decade, staunch environmental beliefs have helped prevent the overexploitation of the South Pole’s resources.

The Southern Water Tribe is a young nation, and its leaders are eager to prove themselves to the world. Because their economy is less influential, however, the other nations tend to disregard their voice. The South Pole struggles to effectively participate in international relations. Still bitter over the Water Tribe Civil War, the Northern Water Tribe doesn’t like to compromise with its sister tribe. The South Pole’s newest Chief hopes to revamp his nation’s foreign policy by strengthening its economy and military.

(Written by Macky)

Water Tribe FAQ

How do the Water Tribes feel about LGBTQ+ people?

“No one is going to disown you for coming out, but our culture would prefer you keep it to yourself.” –Kya, Turf Wars

The Northern Water Tribe still follows traditional gender & sexuality norms, but the Southern Water Tribe has developed more progressive views thanks to Avatar Korra’s leadership and example.

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