United Republic & Republic City

Brief History

The United Republic of Nations, also known as the United Republic, is an independent state created by Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko after the Hundred Year War. It was created as a society where benders and nonbenders from all four nations could live in peace and harmony. The capital of the United Republic is Republic City, a large metropolis located on the shores of Yue Bay. The United Republic is well known for its strict but fair judicial system and a definitive system of law enforcement. All citizens have the right to the integrity of life and property, the freedom of speech as well as a defense attorney and due process. The country is democratic, governed by a President who answers to a parliament of elected representatives from the nation’s many provinces.

Economy & Education

Image of the industrial division in Republic City late in the day.

Trade, technological development, machinery, lumber, energy, and large-scale manufacturing are central to the United Republic economy. Future Industries still controls the Satomobile sector and is considered the most reliable industrial brand, but its direct competitors Cabbage Corp and Onyx Incorporated are flourishing in the United Republic as well.

The education system in the United Republic is particularly advanced. Each region of the country controls its own education system, but the central government dictates national standards for every grade level. Children are required to attend public school until they either pass a strenuous series of National Exams or age out of the system at 18 years old. Private academies have flourished in city centers, and influential families around the world send their children to the United Republic for the world’s most elite and modern education. There are several universities in the United Republic, the most well-known being Five Nations College in Republic City.

In Genji’s Time

Following the Earth Empire’s attempted invasion, the United Republic took a stronger military stance on the world stage, hoping to deter further acts of aggression and better prepare their military for any emergency. Kuvira’s invasion left a powerful impression on the citizens of the United Republic, and a majority of the nation still distrusts the Earth Federation. Political parties have begun to emerge within parliament, and notably the Equalists have rebranded themselves as a peaceful political party representing nonbenders’ interests and promoting social equality.

Image of a yellow spirit portal reaching up into the sky in the middle of Republic City.

The United Republic is now the heart of the new global media movement and is home to influential broadcasting companies, mover production studios, and record labels. Its rich print and television news media landscape is dominated by the Yuan News, the Republic News, the United Daily News, The Elemental Times, and The Republic Reporter. Television has exploded in popularity, and viewers have access to dozens of channels that feature the news, probending broadcasts, sitcoms, and more. In particular, a revamped “Adventures of Nuktuk” series has gained popularity among long-time fans and children alike. “Starbenders: A Journey Through Space” and “The Bee Yan Sei Variety Show” are also new favorites of younger audiences.

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