United Republic & Republic City

Brief History

The United Republic of Nations was created by Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko after the end of the Hundred Year War and the Harmony Restoration Movement. It was created to be a society where benders and nonbenders from all four nations could live in peace and harmony. The nation has a unique culture, shaped by immigration from all around the world and a technological revolution. Its capital is Republic City, a large, modern city located on the shores of Yue Bay. During Kuvira’s invasion, a new spirit portal was opened in the middle of Republic City by Avatar Korra. 

There are also many major corporations located in the heart of Republic City. Future Industries (run by Asami Sato) still controls the Satomobile market, but its competitors Cabbage Corp and the new Onyx Incorporated are competing with Future Industries to control other markets like television, news, and spirit energy.

In Genji’s Time

After the Earth Empire’s attempted invasion, the United Republic decided to strengthen its military. The intention is to stop future acts of aggression and prepare for any emergency that may come their way. Kuvira’s invasion left a strong impression on United Republic citizens, and a majority of them still distrust or outright dislike the Earth Federation.

Republic City has adjusted, for the most part, to the presence of the new spirit portal in their city. After people attempted to explore the new spirit wilds and rising rates of spirit possessions, President Zhu Li of the United Republic signs in laws protecting the portal and the land around it as sacred land and forbids ordinary citizens from entering the portal. Only citizens of the Air Nation, the military and researchers are allowed to access the portal; signing an exception for the Air Nation irritated many citizens because it seems “exclusive” for them. During the rebuild of the city, Future Industries, Varrick Global Industries, and other companies incorporated the spirits vines and canals into their plans, resulting in a completely unique look and design.

The United Republic is now the heart of a new global movement and is home to important broadcasting companies, mover production studios, and record labels. Its news media market is dominated by the Yuan News, the Republic News, the United Daily News, The Elemental Times, and The Republic Reporter. Television is now extremely popular, and viewers have access to dozens of channels that feature the news, probending broadcasts, shows, and more. A new show, “Starbenders: A Journey Through Space”, is a favorite of younger audiences (Kalsang is a huge fan of the show).

(Written by Macky)

United Republic FAQ

How does the United Republic feel about LGBTQ+ people?

The United Republic is a diverse nation comprised of individuals from all around the world. As such, views towards LGBTQ+ people vary. In Korra’s lifetime, President Zhu Li passed laws to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination and punishment.

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