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    1. (continuation) is a character I like. Please don’t make her a villain… either good, or a neutral

  1. why do the sandbender women wear hijab? I don’t understand why they would to that when the avatar world has been canonically portrayed as pretty egalitarian (also lacking abrahamic influences) with very few sexist exceptions like the northern water tribe and sokka’s weird behaviour but the concept of sexism existing at all was pretty much abandoned when korra came along, so it’s weird that a fanfiction would take a step back and reintroduce sexist concepts

    1. Wearing a veil on one’s head predated the existence of Abrahamic religions. The REQUIREMENT that women must wear a veil over their head is what’s sexist, not the veil itself. Before head veils were given religious significance they were a sign of status restricted for the use of upper class women, which is still kind of sexist, but not in the same way that it is once Islam came along. As for why sandbender women wear them, I imagine that hijabs, if they’re even called hijabs, don’t carry the same history and meaning that they do in our world. They’re likely a part of feminine fashion that serves the practical purpose of protecting their skin from the Sun.

      1. Its not sexist, even males wear them. It keeps those in real life from getting heat stroke.

    2. It’s not a hijab if it doesn’t cover ALL your hair. It’s simply a headscarf, and I think that doesn’t have anything to do with Abrahamic religions.

    3. If I remember correctly, BOTH the sandbender men and women both wore head coverings in The Last Airbender.
      They wear them because they are surrounded by sand, which is easily blown in the breeze/wind, and getting hit by that sand is painful and annoying, and wearing something like this protect you from it.
      It also helps protect you from the sun, preventing sunburn and keeping you cool.
      Head coverings are not a religious thing. They also serve practical use, and can also be used for fashion or to show one’s position/status.
      I think it’s weird you are trying to attach sexist and religious concepts to a fantasy fanfiction that contains neither of them lmao

    4. I think it’s just idea for a sun protecting on a desert. Just like sandbenders bandages.

    5. They wear the hijab primarily because the environment where the live in is windy and that would tussle their hair about

    6. Its not sexist, a hijab is a form to show modesty in Islam and men also have a form of modesty too so how about you learn about the actual significance of why women wear A hijab instead of assuming it’s sexist

    7. The world isn’t just increasingly progressive by default. The Iranian Revolution was just a few decades ago and one lasting consequence is that now most women in Iran are expected to cover their heads. But let’s also not forget that it can also be a perfectly fine personal choice. Regarding Sandbenders, people accustomed to the desert are probably used to covering up more than most.
      Also… it’s a fanfic…

    8. It’s not a hijab, but a headscarf, and it’s not really a religious garment, but a practical one. Wearing head coverings in the desert predates Islam and, certainly, all Abrahamic religions. In deserts, both men and women wear headscarves or some form of head covering to protect them from the heat and sand. Also, the people of the Gobi desert in China sometimes wear similar head coverings, so it’s not really a Western Asian thing. Besides, the people of the Si Wong Desert from ATLA were inspired by the real-life Tuareg people of Northern Africa, who wear similar head coverings.

    9. I’m pretty sure does isn’t hijabs, they are just scarfs that sand benders use, just in atlas the sand benders wore scarfs and glasses on their head, so they wouldn’t get it in their eyes and hair, and why are u suddenly starting to talk about sexism, you are just finding ways to hate on this project, even tho its just a fan project, and its a damn good one, with good production value, they are all big fans and i am pretty sure they know more about the lore, and if u dont like u could go make your own project then

      1. As far as I understand – people in the Avatar world think Luan is the Avatar, but it’s actually Genji, that’s why it’s called The Legend of Genji instead of The Legend of Luan

      2. i feel like everyone thinks luan as the avatar but its actuallly genji

  2. Idk if this is canon in The Legend of Genji, but Riho looks like Varrick and Zhu Li’s daughter and Jae looks like a descendant of Iroh, probably his son.

  3. I can see you guys made A LOT of research for this comic. I just read ummm… basically everything in your website and I can’t believe that I actually gonna be able to read something like that! It’s amazing guys, thank for that. I bet that DiMartino and Konietzko gonna be super proud (and jealous) of your work.

  4. wwwwwwwow. The concept art on the characters and background blew me away. Y’all are pouring your heart and soul into this story. Bless you guys and I can’t wait to read!!!

  5. I love all of this artwork I wish I could draw like this. I only have some writing skill.

  6. i like the Yuuga design on the left better personally.

    looking forward to this comic.

  7. Are you going to explain how their are dark-skin/black characters in the avatar universe. Was a new continent of people discovered?

    1. There’s a couple of shots of black people in the original TLA and the Korra comics have several as well. There’s no canon homeland for them so I guess they just made one up. “Eastern Shores” is all we get from Maya’s bio.

  8. Could you leak maybe just a little of the status of Nani’s water bending and if she is even a waterbender your art is amazing and you all are very inspiring.

    1. I think she is Veric and Shu lee’s (probably did not spell their names correct) daughter.

  9. Hey, maybe you can make a blond person (girl). Because there is not one in ATLA or LOK. Even if she needs to dye it blond, I would just like a blond person.

  10. I think Genji could regain contact with past lives during a period of crisis with the spirits, when him will practice for avatar’s spirituality and
    connecting with Raava too, enough to can hear her conseilours and bend her energy, maybe like Korra created her spiritual projection or Aang created the Koizilla with La.

    If had a new Dark Avatar, it was great too, but without that manichaeism nonsense of Book Two: Spirits. The franchise always made a good work in creating deep characters and showing the nuances between good and evil, it would be interesting if the project followed the example and showed how Vaatu is not simply evil, but also willpower, contestation, something necessary for true balance, with Raava’s atributes.

  11. can you PLEASE explore the 60’s fashion more. it would be so much fun to see a lot of references to the time period culturally and politically, also BELL BOTOMS AND MINI SKIRTS. thank you for coming to my ted talk

  12. I’m a little bit hesitant, because of the research and theory put out about how each successive avatar looks a lot like whoever they are deepest in love with, in their last incarnation. Neither Genji or Luan look like Asami and that has me very curious.

  13. I love how you added a kyoshi warrior, plus it’s a male which i have never seen before, the diversity is so amazing, the artists are so talented!

  14. people of the air nation in avatar wans time also wore headscarves or something similar to it. The amount of the Islamophobes here is really disgusting wearing a headscarf is not sexist!

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