1. I have no words. My mouth is just hanging right now. This is beyond amazing🤩

  2. I already love these characters 💕. Can’t wait to see where you go

  3. This is just a suggetion but what if amon had a son and he’s a grand lotus and will teach genji😊😊

  4. Honestly, I thought they would make Jinora and Kai’s child a girl by the name of Konia or Konie. That way, the avatar will have a romance among him. And another idea: what if Luan is forcing for their romance since he thinks dating Jinora and Kai’s daughter would give him a stronger, and more famous family. But obviously she doesn’t feel the same way. The personality would probably stay the same 😉

    1. but jinora and kai have a son-? not a daughter. and even so they could still have a romance lmao

    2. i mean jinora and kai kid wouldnt have to be a girl for the avatar to date them

  5. Nice work guys! I would love to have the old and the detailed art on the comic. And perhaps if the serie will come.

  6. This is PHENOMENAL, I see some Asami resemblance to keep up the tradition. Everything is beautiful, I will be visiting the site again soon

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