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    1. (continuation) is a character I like. Please don’t make her a villain… either good, or a neutral

  1. why do the sandbender women wear hijab? I don’t understand why they would to that when the avatar world has been canonically portrayed as pretty egalitarian (also lacking abrahamic influences) with very few sexist exceptions like the northern water tribe and sokka’s weird behaviour but the concept of sexism existing at all was pretty much abandoned when korra came along, so it’s weird that a fanfiction would take a step back and reintroduce sexist concepts

    1. Wearing a veil on one’s head predated the existence of Abrahamic religions. The REQUIREMENT that women must wear a veil over their head is what’s sexist, not the veil itself. Before head veils were given religious significance they were a sign of status restricted for the use of upper class women, which is still kind of sexist, but not in the same way that it is once Islam came along. As for why sandbender women wear them, I imagine that hijabs, if they’re even called hijabs, don’t carry the same history and meaning that they do in our world. They’re likely a part of feminine fashion that serves the practical purpose of protecting their skin from the Sun.

      1. As far as I understand – people in the Avatar world think Luan is the Avatar, but it’s actually Genji, that’s why it’s called The Legend of Genji instead of The Legend of Luan

  2. Idk if this is canon in The Legend of Genji, but Riho looks like Varrick and Zhu Li’s daughter and Jae looks like a descendant of Iroh, probably his son.

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